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Metta Vanda Miss Joaquim Collection


Singapore is represented by the Vanda Miss Joaquim Orchid which was chosen as the National Flower for its resilience and year-round blooming quality. Similarly to our youths, despite their conditions, they remain resilient and continue to grow in their areas of expertise and as an individual.

Coaster and Postcard set (picture 2) retails at $29.90

Thermal flask, Coaster and Postcard set (picture 3) retails at $35.90

Batik pouch and Postcard set (picture 4) retails at $18.90

Batik sling bag and Postcard set (picture 5) retails at $30.90

Porcelain plate (Purple / White) and Postcard set (picture 6 & 7) retails at $88.90

Towel and Tile set (picture 8) retails at $31.90, comes in a box

Thermal flask only (picture 9) retails at $19.90

Coaster: 10cm across

Postcard: A6 size

Thermal flask: 350ml

Batik pouch: 22cm x 13cm x 5cm 

Batik sling bag: 21cm x 16cm, comes with an adjustable strap

Porcelain plate (Purple / White): 25cm across

Towel: 69cm x 35cm

Tile: 15cm x 15cm