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The Raffles Affair - A Victoria West Mystery


Raffles Hotel Singapore is delighted to announce the launch of “The Raffles Affair”, a thrilling whodunnit novel set in the iconic Raffles Hotel Singapore penned by the latest Writer-in-Residence, Vicki Virtue, a seasoned travel writer from New Zealand. Follow the adventures of heroine Victoria West, as she uncovers the truth behind a Raffles Hotel murder mystery in “The Raffles Affair” .

Inspired by childhood memories of reading detective masterpieces and Golden Age mysteries, and visits to Raffles Hotel Singapore over the past few years, “The Raffles Affair” is a modern take on the classic whodunnit, melding together the familiar past with the new and exciting – much like the restored Grande Dame. In “The Raffles Affair”, the iconic property offers the luxury that the heroine of the story, Victoria West, needs at the end of a gruelling three-month assignment in Africa. As it has done many times for the author, Raffles Hotel Singapore provides the protagonist with the solace of familiarity before setting off on her next adventure.

For a taste of mystique, experience the Writers Bar’s selection of new handcrafted cocktails (S$28++ each), inspired by various mysterious and colourful characters featured in The Raffles Affair” . Created by Head Bartender Nicholas Alexander and his team of skilled mixologists, these unique craft cocktails will whisk guests away on a thrilling search for the truth.

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Having travelled to over fifty countries, Vicki had long been fascinated by the mystique of the Grande Dame, with its rich literary heritage and history as a meeting point for global travellers. Alongside her love of travel and adventure, it was Vicki’s admiration for great literature and storytellers who have stayed with Raffles Hotel Singapore that led her to write “The Raffles Affair”.

Vicki is the second Writer-in-Residence under the Writer’s Residency Programme, following the footsteps of the first invited Writer-in-Residence, British-born essayist and novelist, Pico Iyer. As part of the programme, creative writing talents are given the opportunity to immerse in the Grand Dame’s luxurious environment for up to four weeks and be inspired to create new literary works.