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MINDS Furoshiki Scarf (Kueh Dialogue)


Furoshiki is a Japanese practice which uses a square cloth for transportation, gift wrapping, home décor, or even fashion!​ The word itself applies to both the fabric and the gift-wrapping craft. This art has brought a new meaning to gift giving around the world.​

Inspired by this idea, our talented artists at MINDS Craft took the opportunity to create a series of drawings and translate them into these beautiful, reusable, eco-friendly gift wrap.

Kueh Dialogue design showcases the variety of local delicacies enjoyed by the locals and tourists. ​Kueh Lapis, Epok Epok, Vadai, Ang Ku Kueh etc; these are some of the common favorites!​

Made from 100% cotton, these Furoshiki Cloths are a great way to pass the sustainable and eco-friendly message to your friends and relatives by using this and therefore starting the conversation around it. ​

60cm x 60cm